The days of Chinese New Year: The second week

For our previous series we focused on the first week of Spring Festival, don’t think the festivities start to wind down after 7 days, this is a two-week long celebration!

Lion Dancing

The eighth day is used to celebrate crops like millet, by cooking porridge from scratch. After this comes the birthday of the most important deity, the Jade Emperor. Sacrifices and fireworks are set off to celebrate his birthday. On the tenth day, the god of stone is celebrated by not cutting into any mountains as a show of respect, which is great news for any miners as they get the day off work (I hope)!

This isn’t a very big day of celebrations depending on what province you are from, the best way to describe this day is as the dragon dance day, since there will be lots of dragon dance shows. You can watch them on TV or head down to the temple fayres to see these.

The second week of chinese new year

Now the celebrations bringing in the end of Spring festival start, everyone starts to prepare for the lantern festival from the twelfth day by making or buying lanterns and then decorating their house. Lantern Festival is celebrated from the 14th to the 15th day by eating Tangyuan made of sweet rice and a sweet stuffing. This brings the end of Spring Festival until the following year.




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