Chinese Culture- Spring Festival Gala

Chinese New Years is steeped in tradition, some dating back thousands of years, some with more modern touches due to the introduction of technology. One thing is for sure, Spring Festival doesn’t feel real if you aren’t eating dumplings with your family playing the gala in the background!

Watching Gala before TV

The gala is over 4 hours long and is watched in the eve of Spring festival finishing a bit after midnight, after that there are other shows and post-gala shows that you can watch if you want to stay up and keep the celebrations going. If you missed it on the day it’s still okay, the gala will be played non stop on other TV channels during the whole of Spring Festival.

Although most TV channels will have their own version of a gala, the most famous is the CCTV gala. It first debuted in 1983 and is world’s most-watched show. Every year, the number of viewers keeps rising, over 900 million viewers will watch it live.


The gala involves dances and shows from all the minorities in China, showcasing all the amazing culture that can be found in this vast country. Famous presenters will introduce each performance, from singing to drama, to Kung Fu displays, this gala has it all. With so many participants it takes over 6 months of preparation!

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