Study habits of Chinese kids

As you might have heard before, Chinese children tend to perform way well in academic evaluation than many other countries in the world. This is because Chinese kids work extremely hard at studying. If you have kids learning Chinese as a second language, you might wonder how do Children in China learn?

elementary school students raising hands

Research shows that in China students can spend up to 77 hours a week studying! That’s because schools will give students a lot of homework, and on top of this, they need to do homework for extra-curricular classes.

But unlike their western counterparts, a higher percentage of Chinese students actually enjoy studying, because they begin studying form a young age. With so much stuff to remember students have some useful tricks for studying.

teacher teach student how to solve the math questions

For example, studying a subject for long periods of time can get boring, which is not conducive to learning, Chinese students will study every day but switch between subjects to maximize their learning.

Self-discipline is the major characteristic of Chinese studying habits, although parents will bulk up their kids’ timetable most of the studying is done individually by the students. Most students understand the importance of education from a young age and learn not to waste precious study time.

What do you think about Chinese study habits, is there something we can learn from them?