A cartoon of people learning Chinese

How to Make Learning Chinese Language Happen

There’s nothing more amazing and exhausting than learning something new and challenging. How about learning Chinese language? A new language opens doors to a whole set of experiences and the ability to explore a new culture like never before, that’s not even counting the new career prospects it brings. So welcome to the gang of …

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Learning Chinese with Lingo Bus

First, a quiz about how many people are learning Chinese. What common ground does the daughter of the former US President’s daughter, Malia Obama, Facebook’s CEO, Mark Zuckerberg, and the current President Trump’s granddaughter, Arabella Kushner share? The answer is they all learn Chinese. They are just a few examples of celebrities taking Chinese classes. …

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Traditional Chinese painting Featured Image

Chinese Traditional Painting

Chinese painting is one of the oldest styles of painting in the world, with its painting style remaining virtually unchanged for centuries. Unlike western styles of artistic painting that change through centuries and have their own master based on periods. Chinese painting is similar in style to calligraphy, even using the same techniques and materials, …

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Spring Festival Gala

Chinese Culture- Spring Festival Gala

Chinese New Years is steeped in tradition, some dating back thousands of years, some with more modern touches due to the introduction of technology. One thing is for sure, Spring Festival doesn’t feel real if you aren’t eating dumplings with your family playing the gala in the background! The gala is over 4 hours long …

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Chinese New Year

The days of Chinese New Year: The second week

For our previous series we focused on the first week of Spring Festival, don’t think the festivities start to wind down after 7 days, this is a two-week long celebration! The eighth day is used to celebrate crops like millet, by cooking porridge from scratch. After this comes the birthday of the most important deity, …

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