Chinese Children’s Songs! Sanya!

Learn Chinese children’s songs with Lingo bus! Let’s go to Sānyà! 三亚!😁🎶

1. 小鱼 xiǎoyú n. little fish
2. 海龟 hǎiguī n. sea turtle
3. 大海 dàhǎi n. sea
4. 游泳 yóuyǒng v. swim
5. 冲浪 chōnglàng v. surf; surfing
6. 会 huì v. be able to do sth
7. 喜欢 xǐhuan v. like

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Undiscovered China

Welcome to the first episode of Undiscovered China with Lingo Bus! Our new talk show for adults!

Each week we’ll bring you stories about interesting news and culture you likely don’t know from the “Middle Kingdom”!

This week we talk about E-payments in China, far beyond what anything the west has now.

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