• How do I choose the right teacher?
    • For now, teachers are assigned by the system. Lingo Bus has recruited highly experienced and qualified Chinese teachers to ensure all students receive high-quality instruction.
  • How can I book classes?
    • You may book sessions at any point. The earliest session you can book must take place 24 hours after the time of booking. The latest session you can book is 14 days after the time of booking. See below example.
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  • Can I change my booking times?
    • You may cancel an appointment at any time. If you cancel an appointment within 24 hours of a lesson, you will not be charged. If you cancel within 24 hours of a lesson, you will be charged a fee to compensate the teacher for his/her time.


  • Am I able to communicate with my child’s teacher apart from class?
    • We will soon provide an online message board to facilitate communication with parents and teachers. Meanwhile, if you have teaching-related questions, please contact service@lingobus.com.
  • What feedback am I given before and after class?
    • An evaluation function will be provided as soon as possible.
  • If I have more questions is there an easy way to contact?

How it works

  • What is the method of teaching?
    • We use a 100% immersion model to teach Chinese.
  • Will I be able to review the lesson?
    • Every session that your child attends will be recorded and made available to you 24 hours after the class.

Safety and privacy

  • How do I protect my Child’s safety online?
    • All Lingo Bus teachers undergo a strict selections process and receive regular training. We record every session your child attends and each session is monitored by a Lingo Bus course manager in real time.
  • Will my personal details be kept safe and secure?
    • We ensure all personal information will be protected. We will not reveal customer information to any external organization unless required by law. For more details, please refer to our Privacy Policy.
    • We assume you have already authorized us to record the whole course when you allow the Students to enter this on-line class room. The recorded classes will only be used for you to review the study process of the Students and we will keep the recorded videos strictly internal and confidential. If you would like to revoke your authorization of recording the Student, please contact us at service@lingobus.com and we will block the whole Student’s image and blur the Student’s voice to make it impossible to identify the Student.

Payment and pricing

  • How much does a session cost?
    • Each 25-minute session costs USD 25.
  • What payment methods can I use?
    • You can pay with your Paypal account, or with a credit card if it is accepted by Paypal.

Technology questions

  • What do I need for a Lingo bus class?
    • For a desktop computer, you will need a webcam, headphones/a headset, and a microphone. For laptops, these items should already be included but please double check. We currently do not offer Lingo Bus on tablets or smartphones.
  • Is there anything I have to download?
    • All classes require Google Chrome, Firefox or Safari; please download the browser ahead of your first lesson.
  • What happens if the session crashes?
    • Please contact us immediately.
      Email: service@lingobus.com
      Skype: service@lingobus.com
      Whatsapp: +86 133 2114 9810
  • Do I need really fast internet for this to work?
    • Please test your internet connection ahead of time. Also, we recommend you refrain from downloading files or watching separate videos during your class.